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WAAP is a band from Basel (Switzerland) and St. Louis (France) region with professional musicians from Greece, France, Japan and Switzerland. The style of the music is Fusion and Contemporary Jazz, a mixture of Jazz, Funk, Latin and Rock.

WAAP 2017.png

Yiannis Papayiannis: Soprano, Alto & Tenor Saxophones (GR) 
Claude Groelly: Guitar (FR) 
Motoko Matsushita: Piano & Keyboards (JP) 
Peter Tobler: Bass (CH)
Vic Uebelhart: Drums (CH)

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Dominique Isselé: Drums (FR)
Daniel Meyer: Bass (Ch)
Denis Flaig: Bass (FR)
Bernard Halbeisen: Keyboards & Piano (FR)
Adrian Schaeublin: Keyboards (CH)

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