Waap - Escape.jpg

"Waap"  -escape-

Fusion jazz cd from "jes music"
with a lot compositions of Yiannis


Terem-Music published also a remake of his CD "escape" with the band Waap (OR published from Jes-Music). Mixing and mastering of the remake is made by Yiannis Papayiannis in his Studio-"Proteas Records".Terem-Music Fusion Book:http://new.terem-music.ch

Yiannis Papayiannis: saxophones
Claude Groelly: guitar
Bernard Halbeisen: keyboards-piano
Daniel Meyer: bass
Dominique Isselé: drums
Sébastian Troendlé. piano on "day at the beach"

"Coast to coast" (mp3)

Here it on "Spotify"

Keep it on-Logo.jpg

"Keep it On"

Contemporary Jazz, Cd release by "Unit":



Hans-Joachim Golm: Piano / Compositions
Yiannis Papayiannis: Soprano & Tenor Saxophone
Lenz Huber: Contrabass
Pascal Graf: Drums

Recording, mixing, mastering, Yiannis Papayiannis

The cd is also available here:


"it's up to you" (mp3)

the questof Iranon-final cover infront.jpg

"Proteas Project"  
-The quest of Iranon-

It' a new double cd coming soon
progressive metal style
all compositions by Yiannis

This cd is dedicated to the great Ancient Hellenic Philosopher "Iraklitos"
and to the great  American author of fantasy, science fiction and horror, Howard Phillips Lovecraft.
Both of them inspired me with their "Parallel Worlds".

Yiannis Papayiannis: guitar, bass, synthesizers and a lot of other weird instruments.
Raphael Dreyer: drums

Recording (in Baselcitystudios), mixing & mastering by Yiannis.

"Rain of stars" (mp3)

Difusion II.jpg

Yiannis Papayiannis


It' a new double cd coming soon.
Fusion jazz style with various professional musicians playing with.
Αll compositions, guitars, saxophones, extra bass & synthesizers, recording (in Baselcitystudios), mixing & mastering 

by Yiannis.

"Sidewalk" (mp3)

Ron Cartel-Don't make the monkey drunk.jpeg

"Ron Cartel" 

(Former singer of "Tower of Power")
-Don't Make The Monkey Drunk-  

CD Label: Blues Boulevard
blues-soul-gospel mood
with Yianni playing the tenor sax 
in the "Horns Session"

"House of Mojo" (mp3)

Time and Space.jpg

"Yiannis Papayiannis"

-time and space-


Electronic Acid Jazz.

Composition, all instruments, recording, video by Yiannis Papayiannis

"Proteas Studio" production.

"Saturn" (mp3)


-Zwischen hier und jetzt-

ArtPop music from the songwriter and singer Sonja Wanner,
with Yiannis on guitar and soprano saxophone, recording and mixing, 
Music producer: Yiannis Papayiannis
Recorded in “One Drop Studio” in Basel.
Extra overdubs, mixing and mastering on Yianni’s Studio “Proteas Records” 

"Barfuss" (mp3)

Necromantia-to the death we decend.jpeg

-To the death we decend-   
published by "The Circle Music" 
black metal band with Yianni composing and playing the orchestral parts on the song:

"To the death we decends"

"To the death we decend" (mp3)

The eponymous track of the album and the only orchestral one. It’s a requiem to Blood Baron, the  bass player of the group and the best friend of mine. All instruments, recording and composition by Yiannis. 

Necromantia-Black arts.jpeg

-Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins-   
by "unisound records" 
black metal band with Yianni 
playing various instruments

Necromantia-crossing the fiery path.jpeg

-Crossing the Heavy Path- 
by "osmose productions"
black metal band with Yianni

playing various instruments


-Ancient Pride- 
by "osmose productions"         
black metal band with Yianni 
playing various instruments   

Markus Gisin.jpeg

"Markus Gisin"
-Hotel Mama-

with Yianni playing the tenor, alto 
and Bariton sax in the "Horns Session"
Horns arrangment, 
mixing and mastering by Yiannis
Recording: Daniel Schneider and Yiannis Papayiannis


by "E2"
compositions of Yiorgos Makris   
Alternative Rock

similar to Frank Zappa style      
with Yianni playing the horns  


"Manu Hartmann Band"

-We feel good-
maxi single

Psychedelic Funk with Jazz elements.
MH Productions

Manu Hartmann Band: vocals  (CH)
Yiannis Papayiannis: e-guitar (GR)
Cédric Vogel: rhodes, hammond, piano, moog synthesizer
Emanuel Tescke: bass (DE)
Stephan Schätti: drums  (CH)

Recording in JSB Studio: Nils Koechlin
Mixing and mastering in Proteas Studio: Yiannis Papayiannis

"We feel Good" (mp3)