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"Keep It On" Contemporary Jazz Band:
Hans-Joachim Golm: Piano / Compositions
Yiannis Papayiannis: Soprano /
 Tenor Saxophone
Lenz Huber: Contrabass

Pascal Graf: Drums

(New contrabassist: Roberto Koch)

Recording, mixing, mastering & Video:

Yiannis Papayiannis


Video Trailer

Forgotten People

It’s up to you

Take Your Time


Keep it On-III.jpeg

"Spark", electro-fusion band with live loops.

Yiannis Papayiannis: 

E-Guitar & Soprano Saxophone

Gianfranco Gallo:
Drums and Loops

Andrè Gärtner:


"Tower of Soul" Funk/Soul/R&B Band     

tribute to "Tower of Power"

Yiannis Papayiannis: Tenor Sax

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-02 at 09.03.04.jpeg

"The Lost Art" DarkIndie/BritishRock

Sam Ferns: Vocals / Guitar

Yiannis Papayiannis: Guitar

Ramon Vaca: Bass

Beat Schürpf: Drums



Official Clip:


TLA, Live in Basel:


7 days of night

The new "TLA" CD on "Mx3"

"Charifasoul" Funk/soul Band

Large ensemble with 10 members,

complete rhythm session, 2 singers and 4 horns.

Yiannis Papayiannis: Alto Sax/Tenor Sax

Video Trailer

TLA 2.png

Yianni's solo projects

Yianni's videos with guitar:

Colony of ice 

Based on H.P.Lovecraft's "At the mountains of madness" Performed by "Proteas Project"

Sam Ferns: Vocals,    Raphael Dreyer: Drums

Yiannis Papayiannis: Guitars, Bass, Synthies composing, recording, mixing, video.

The outsider  
Video+Audio song with still pictures
Based on the H.P. Lovecraft's story "the outsider"
All instrument performed by Yiannis
recording, mixing, and video editing.                        


Catch me now

A guitarist against a horde of zombies.

All instruments played by Yiannis Papayiannis, composing, recording & video editing.


Yiannis playing the slap bass & bass solo

all instruments by Yiannis

Yiannis slap bass solo (Live)

Some of my music in



Time and Space:

The Quest of Iranon:

with "Nina"

Nina Birringer: Vocals & Drums

Yiannis: all instruments

Electronic Acid Jazz Project:

Compositions, all instruments, recording & video

by Yiannis Papayiannis

"Proteas Studio" production.

Alone in the darkness of space


The lost town

Falling into Jupiter

Composition for small orchestra

"Celephais approaching the town" 

My Composition "Mars"

For more music visit my "mx3" account:

Yannis Papayiannis's play-along book "12 JazzFusion compositions" is published from Terem-Music for musicians that would like to practice even bars, jazz-funk-latin grooves, advanced chord changes for soloing, etc.
Terem-Music published also a remake of his CD "escape" with the band Waap (OR published from Jes-Music). 
Mixing and mastering of the remake is made by Yiannis Papayiannis in his Studio "Proteas Records".
Terem-Music Fusion Book:


Old bands & formations:

"Funk Syndicate"

"Chicago Song" (mp3)

(yiannis Papayiannis: Guitar/Soprano Sax)

Contemporary Jazz

Progressive Rock-Metal


"The Disco Experience"

Disco of the 70's

"Session Brothers"

"Big Deal"
Texas Blues


Jazz-Contemporary Funk


"Manu Hartmann Band"
Psychedelic Funk-Jazzrock


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