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"Keep It On" Contemporary Jazz Band:
Hans-Joachim Golm: Piano / Compositions
Yiannis Papayiannis: Soprano /
 Tenor Saxophone
Lenz Huber: Contrabass

Pascal Graf: Drums

(New contrabassist: Roberto Koch)

Recording, mixing, mastering & Video:

Yiannis Papayiannis


Video Trailer

Forgotten People

It’s up to you

Take Your Time


"Spark", electro-fusion band with live loops.

Yiannis Papayiannis: 

E-Guitar % Soprano Saxophone

Gianfranco Gallo:
Drums and Loops

Andrè Gärtner:

Keep it On-III.jpeg

"The Lost Art" DarkIndie/BritishRock

Sam Ferns: Vocals / Guitar

Yiannis Papayiannis: Guitar

Ramon Vaca: Bass

Beat Schürpf: Drums



Official Clip:


TLA, Live in Basel:


7 days of night

The new "TLA" CD on "Bandcamp"

"Charifasoul" Funk/soul Band

Large ensemble with 10 members,

complete rhythm session, 2 singers and 4 horns.

Yiannis Papayiannis: Alto Sax/Tenor Sax

Video Trailer

TLA 2.png

"Tower of Soul" Funk/Soul/R&B Band     

tribute to "Tower of Power"

Yiannis Papayiannis: Tenor Sax

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-02 at 09.03.04.jpeg

Yianni's solo projects

Yianni's videos with guitar:

Colony of ice 

Based on H.P.Lovecraft's "At the mountains of madness" Performed by "Proteas Project"

Sam Ferns: Vocals,    Raphael Dreyer: Drums

Yiannis Papayiannis: Guitars, Bass, Synthies composing, recording, mixing, video.

The outsider  
Video+Audio song with still pictures
Based on the H.P. Lovecraft's story "the outsider"
All instrument performed by Yiannis
recording, mixing, and video editing.                        


Catch me now

A guitarist against a horde of zombies.

All instruments played by Yiannis Papayiannis, composing, recording & video editing.


Yiannis playing the slap bass & bass solo

all instruments by Yiannis

Yiannis slap bass solo (Live)

with "Nina"

Nina Birringer: Vocals & Drums

Yiannis: all instruments

Electronic Acid Jazz Project:

Compositions, all instruments, recording & video

by Yiannis Papayiannis

"Proteas Studio" production.

Alone in the darkness of space


The lost town

Falling into Jupiter

Composition for small orchestra

"Celephais approaching the town" 

Yannis Papayiannis's play-along book "12 JazzFusion compositions" is published from Terem-Music for musicians that would like to practice even bars, jazz-funk-latin grooves, advanced chord changes for soloing, etc.
Terem-Music published also a remake of his CD "escape" with the band Waap (OR published from Jes-Music). 
Mixing and mastering of the remake is made by Yiannis Papayiannis in his Studio "Proteas Records".
Terem-Music Fusion Book:


Old bands & formations:

"Funk Syndicate"

"Chicago Song" (mp3)

(yiannis Papayiannis: Guitar/Soprano Sax)

Contemporary Jazz

Progressive Rock-Metal


"The Disco Experience"

Disco of the 70's

"Session Brothers"

"Big Deal"
Texas Blues


Jazz-Contemporary Funk


"Manu Hartmann Band"
Psychedelic Funk-Jazzrock


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