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Yiannis Papayiannis

musician: soprano-alto-tenor-bariton saxophones, el.guitar, el.bass, drums
composer, arranger,
sound engineer for studio productions and films

 the outsider 
 Video+Audio song
 with still pictures
 Based on the H.P. Lovecraft's  
 story "the outsider"

 all instrument performed by

 recording, mixing, video
 Colony of ice
 Video+Audio song
 based on H.P.Lovecraft's
"At the mountains of madness"
 performed by "Proteas Project"
 Sam Ferns: Vocals
 Raphael Dreyer: Drums
 Yiannis Papayiannis: Guitars, Bass, Synthies
 composing, recording, mixing, video

Yiannis Papayiannis's play-along book "12 JazzFusion compositions" is published from Terem-Music for musicians that would like to practice even bars, jazz-funk-latin grooves, advanced chord changes for soloing, etc.
Terem-Music published also a remake of his CD "escape" with the band Waap (OR published from Jes-Music).
Mixing and mastering of the remake is made by Yiannis Papayiannis in his Studio-"Proteas Records".
Terem-Music Fusion Book:
Yianni's videos with Saxophone:

Some Skunk Funk
Medley with Waap

Videotrailers with Yiannis in Studio:

As guitar player:
with "The Lost Art"

with "Sonix"

with "Nina"

"The Lost Art" studio video-trailer