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Yiannis Papayiannis

musician: soprano-alto-tenor-bariton saxophones, el.guitar, el.bass, drums
composer, arranger,
sound engineer for studio productions and films

Yianni's videos with Saxophone
with "Waap"
"Waap" medley
Some Skunk Funk
(with "Funk Syndicate")
 the outsider 
 Video+Audio song
 with still pictures
 Based on the H.P. Lovecraft's  
 story "the outsider"

 all instrument performed by

 recording, mixing, video
 Colony of ice
 Video+Audio song
 based on H.P.Lovecraft's
"At the mountains of madness"
 performed by "Proteas Project"
 Sam Ferns: Vocals
 Raphael Dreyer: Drums
 Yiannis Papayiannis: Guitars, Bass, Synthies
 composing, recording, mixing, video

Yiannis Papayiannis's play-along book "12 JazzFusion compositions" is published from Terem-Music for musicians that would like to practice even bars, jazz-funk-latin grooves, advanced chord changes for soloing, etc.
Terem-Music published also a remake of his CD "escape" with the band Waap (OR published from Jes-Music).
Mixing and mastering of the remake is made by Yiannis Papayiannis in his Studio-"Proteas Records".
Terem-Music Fusion Book:http://new.terem-music.ch/index.php?route=product/category&path=76
Videotrailers with Yiannis in Studio:

As guitar player:
with "The Lost Art"            Band trailer II

with "Sonix"

with "Nina"

Yianni's YouTube Videos:
with "TheLostArt":


Live in Basel

7 days of night

As saxophone player
with the jazz quartet "Keep it On":