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"Waap" in "Triangle", France

"Waap""Waap" in France

in Jazz Festival Colmar-France

"Tracks""Tracks" in France"Bluesprints""Funk Syndicate"
in music club Galery in Switzerland

 Yiannis Papayiannis
 Tina Monica Wildi
 Christoph Stalder       
 "the power horns"
 Yiannis+Rick Dobkowski
 ...the ultra power horns...
 with Dominic Ferns and
 "the Session Brothers"
 -open air in Basel
 in Switzerland-
Raphael Dreyer (drums)
and Yiannis working for the
"Proteas Project"
-the quest of Iranon-

Kaya Yasargil and
Claude Groelly
from "Funk Syndicate"

Adrian Schaeublin and Yiannis
in Germany

"The Disco Experience"
in club kuppel in Basel-Switzerland
Raphi's  monster setpracticing place (Antiparos-GR)....
Yiannis on drums   

in Galery in Switzerland
Yiannis with Allegria
hand made guitar from
"Madera" guitars-Switzerland           
Yiannis with manu Hartmann Band
Yiannis with Allegria
hand made guitar from
"Madera" Guitars-Switzerland   
The Quest of Iranon in Australia    "The Last Experience"  
     Horns Session: 
     Yiannis Papayiannis
     Tina Monica Wildi
     Pascal Fernandes



"The Last Kuppel Experience"                                   
Anna Rossinelli, Sina, Nicole Bernegger,
Adrian Sieber, Roli Frei, Stefanie Klaer,
Nza Weilenmann, Vanessa Jenzer,
Tina Monica Wildi, Yiannis Papayiannis,
Pascal Fernandes, Stephan Pulver,
Roman Huber, Felë Graf, Steff Strittmatter,
Beat Schürpf, Marc Krebs.
Video clip                      
Nina+Yiannis playing:

„Mighty Long Fall“

Yiannis Papayianni's composition(the first part of it) based on the original H. P. Lovecraft’s book "Celephais”.Yiannis Papayiannis:Music & Video,Orchestra arranging, Soprano Saxophone & Oboe.A "Proteas Studio" production.

Videos with various Bands:

  • Yiannis with "waap":
        time's Odyssey   day at the beach    day at the beach 2    driving   g-groove   surprise
        some skunk funk
  • Yiannis with "Tracks":
         alone        go through
  • "Bluesprint":
         Yianni's bass solo

         Yiannis in YouTube