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"Waap"  -escape-

fusion jazz cd from "jes music"
with a lot compositions of Yiannis

Yiannis Papayiannis: saxophones
Claude Groelly: guitar
Bernard Halbeisen: keyboards-piano
Daniel Meyer: bass
Dominique Isselé: drums
Sébastian Troendlé. piano on "day at the beach"


songs list:

coast to coast (YP)
once I dreamed  (YP)
décomposition avancée
approaching  (YP)
my socks are unmatched  (YP)
day at the beach  (YP)
escape  (YP)

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it' a new double cd coming soon
fusion jazz style
all compositions by Yiannis

Yiannis Papayiannis: saxophones, guitar, bass, synthesizers
Felix Handschin and Dominique Isselé: drums
Uli Heinzler: Bass
Adrian Schaeublin: keyboards
Tina Wildi: piano, alto sax
Vincent Membrez: piano
Daniel Kenel, Rick Dobkowski: trumpet
Manu Hartmann: vocals


songs list:

city lights
bad Moyo
the lost town
night flight
lonely nights
play your funky music-
-till you die
time's odyssey
this night belongs to me
in a fragile moment
children of the wind
first movement
alone in the darkness of space
this night belongs to me
the tree we were hurting
island in the sun
lonely traveler
"Proteas Project" 
-The quest of Iranon-

it' a new double cd coming soon
progressive metal style
all compositions by Yiannis

This cd is dedicated to the great Ancient Hellenic Philosopher "Iraklitos"
and to the great  American author of fantasy, science fiction and horror, Howard Phillips Lovecraft.
Both of them inspired me with their "Parallel Worlds".

Yiannis Papayiannis: guitar, bass, synthesizers and a lot of other weird instruments.
Raphael Dreyer: drums
Manu Hartmann: vocals


songs list:

the quest of Iranon
the night we burned Chrome
the tower
colony of ice
I waked up in-
   someone else's dream
brave years
massive attack, the doom-
   that came to Sarnath
rain of stars
your last sunset
alone in the dark
no time to say goodbye
the cats of Ulthar
straight to the heart
wheel tracks

-Zwischen hier und jetzt-

ArtPop music from the songwriter and singer Sonja Wanner,
with Yiannis on guitar and soprano saxophone, recording and mixing,
Music producer: Yiannis Papayiannis

Sonix Oficial videoclip

Studio moments

Martin Eigenmann: piano, hammond
Ivo Bucher: bass
Jost Müller: drums, percussions

Recorded in “One Drop Studio” in Basel.
Extra overdubs, mixing and mastering on Yianni’s Studio “Proteas Records”

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"Keep it On"
Contemporary Jazz

Hans-Joachim Golm: Piano / Compositions
Yiannis Papayiannis: Soprano & Tenor Saxophone
Lenz Huber: Contrabass
Pascal Graf: Drums

Recording, mixing, mastering, Yiannis Papayiannis

Video Trailer


"Ron Cartel"
(Former singer of "Tower of Power")
-Don't Make The Monkey Drunk-         
CD Label: Blues Boulevard
blues-soul-gospel mood
with Yianni playing the tenor sax
in the "Horns Session"

-Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins-  
by "unisound records"
death metal band with Yianni
playing various instruments                
-Ancient Pride-
by "osmose productions"        
death metal band with Yianni
playing various instruments                 
-Crossing the Heavy Path-
by "osmose productions"
death metal band
with Yianni playing various instruments

"Markus Gisin"
-Hotel Mama-

with Yianni playing the tenor, alto
and Bariton sax in the "Horns Session"
Horns arrangment,
mixing and mastering by Yiannis
Recording: Daniel Schneider and Yiannis   
mp3 sample from Hotel Mama song

by "E2"
compositions of Yiorgos Makris  
in kind of Frank Zappa style     
with Yianni playing the horns             

"Featherlike"  -heavy feathers-
by "helium records"
from Chris Weber
playing in the Horns sessions
on "Scent Of Spring"  

"Manu Hartmann Band"-We feel good-
maxi single

Psychedelic Funk with Jazz elements.
MH Productions

Manu Hartmann Band: vocals  (CH)
Yiannis Papayiannis: e-guitar   (GR)
Cédric Vogel: rhodes, hammond, piano, moog synthesizer
Emanuel Tescke: bass (DE)
Stephan Schätti: drums  (CH)

Recording in JSB Studio: Nils Koechlin
Mixing and mastering in Proteas Studio: Yiannis Papayiannis

mp3 sample from we feel good

....various recordings and Cds from the times of studio "Sinena"....

The quest of Iranon
(and the eternal youth of Iranon)

H.P. Lovecraft

The story is about a golden-haired youth who wanders into the city of Teloth, telling tales of the great city of Aira, where he was prince. While Iranon enjoys singing and telling his tales of wonder, few appreciate it. When a disenfranchised boy named Romnod suggests leaving Teloth to go to the famed city of Oonai (which he thinks may be Aira, now under a different name), Iranon takes him up on his offer.
Iranon and Romnod spend years on their journey to Oonai. Along the way, Romnod grows up while Iranon remains exactly the same. Eventually they reach Oonai, which Iranon is disappointed to discover is not Aira. Iranon is loved by the people in Oonai, however, so he stays there even though he still desires to return to Aira. As the years pass, people appreciate him less and less, and he is eventually upstaged by dancers from the desert. By this point, Romnod has grown old and has become a drunkard. After Romnod's death, Iranon decides to leave Oonai and continue his search for Aira.
Eventually Iranon comes across an old shepherd and asks him if he knows of Aira. The shepherd tells him that he has indeed heard of it, for in his youth there was a beggar's boy who had always talked about it. The boy, who thought he was a prince, was laughed at by everyone and ran away.
With the truth revealed, that Aira was merely a figment of his imagination, Iranon loses his eternal youth. Now aged significantly, Iranon wanders into the quicksands to his death.

......and in the twilight, as the stars came out one by one and the moon
cast on the marsh a radiance like that which a child sees quivering on
the floor as he is rocked to sleep at evening, there walked into the
lethal quicksands a very old man in tattered purple, crowned with
whithered vine-leaves and gazing ahead as if upon the golden domes of a
fair city where dreams are understood.

That night something of youth and beauty died in the elder world.....